How to Attract & Retain the Best Candidates...

IES will do more than the typical search firm because we are passionate about recruiting the right candidate and building strong teams. Our 4-phase process gets solid results for your company.

Phase I: Client Consultation

  • understand your mission, culture, strategic mandates, company values
  • create the ideal candidate profile
  • develop the search strategy

Phase II: Research

  • compile a list of target organizations
  • source contacts and access information
  • identify and evaluate candidates in relation to the specific position requirements

Phase III: Approach and Evaluate

  • compare background and experience specifications of the ideal candidate
  • conduct in-depth interviews
  • prepare comprehensive summaries & present short-list candidates to the client

Phase IV: Facilitation

  • post interview follow ups with client
  • negotiate a win-win agreement
  • maintain client communications

Because IES conducts in-depth interviews and uses a stringent evaluation process to evaluate candidates in relation to the specific job requirements, our process works in all industries and across all levels of open positions.